3 Tips For Saving in 2018 - Capfin Money

And just like that, it’s 2018. If you’ve made a resolution to save this year, here’s some handy advice from us to help you actually keep it. Read more…

The Top 5 Habits of Savvy Spenders - Capfin Money

We all have that one friend – the person who never fails to get a better deal than we could ever dream of finding. They miraculously stumble upon sale after sale, and somehow end up saving money while they’re spending. We brush it off, put it down to fluke or our own bad luck, and relish in their shopping tales. But have you ever considered the fact that there could be more than meets the eye to a bargain-hunter like your friend? Read more…

Manage your personal finance on a budget - Capfin Money

A budget is a critical tool for managing your personal finances, whether you are looking to turn around your financial situation or to build more wealth with your current salary. These practical, insightful tips can guide you in creating any type of personal budget, both as an individual or for your family.

For a housing deposit; others are saving for an overseas holiday or a share portfolio. Following a budget usually involves small sacrifices, and having a specific goal in mind will make these sacrifices easier.

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What next when your quick & simple loan is paid out - Capfin Money

At Capfin Money we think there are a couple of important things to do and keep in mind once your first loan has been paid out.

If you think you might have missed a payment to Capfin Money, or any other credit provider, the key is to pick up the phone and call us. Simply hoping that the situation will correct itself isn’t going to help. Most responsible lenders are happy to listen and assist you if you experience financial hardship.

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Protecting your personal credit information - Capfin Money

Protecting your personal credit information is an investment into your future. Looking after and being aware of the detail of your credit history with financial institutions is critical. Negative or adverse information recorded with the credit providers, or credit bureaus, about when and how you pay will affect your ability to buy a car or a house, or even to borrow money in the event of an emergency. Equally important is ensuring that you protect your personal credit information from identity theft and fraud.

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Top tips for holidaying on a shoestring - Capfin Money

When Winter sets in, there’s nothing quite like planning that family vacay to warmer pastures. The good news is, that taking a Winter getaway doesn’t need to break the bank.

In fact, we’ve put together our top tips for holidaying on a shoestring to help get you stared!

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Ideas to keep kids entertained these school holidays - Capfin Money

Whether you’re looking for some ideas to keep the kids entertained these school holidays or just after some cheap and cheerful weekend activities, Capfin Money has your back.

We’ve put together 10 fun-filled activities that won’t break the bank so you and the family can make the most of these holidays!

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